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June 3-4

dogs in the city incline view City view


I spent this weekend in Pittsburg, PA. No reason. Just visiting. Turns out there was a Pride parade going on so we went to the parade. First time in a Pride parade and it was pretty fun. Pittsburg is nice but their roads are a confusing mess.

June 5

quilt show my quilt pointing at quilt

Schoolhouse Quilt Show

This weekend I showed my 2 Clarke Place quilt in the Schoolhouse Quilt Show in Cumberland, MD. It is the first in person I have been in since the Pandemic started and I started quilting again. It was this guilds first quilt show and I was happy they put my quilt right at the entrance. I got judge's comments at the end of the show. I will never win a quilt show award. The judges are very strict on technique and do not give that much importance to design. I care mostly about design and technique is secondary. It doesn't bother me because I'm doing what I want to be doing.

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