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April 1

trying out house thread sketch

New House

There is a SAQA exhibit coming up in the Summer I want to exhibit in. The title of the exhibit is Purpose/Repurpose. The idea for the exhibit is to repurpose old materials in some way. I have some old linens my mom gave me. I'm in this architecture kick so I've been thinking of doing another house and include the linens in the background. I also want to use my new thread sketching idea. The house I'm going to tackle next is the house next to the one I just finished, 4 Clarke Place. It is an old victorian house that happens to be a bed and breakfast. In the B&B website, there are pictures of the inside and old linens would look great with their decor! Total coincidence. I made a smaller piece trying out the thread sketch and it looks great.


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DC metro

Another Idea

The title of the exhibit I want to enter is Purpose/Repurpose. Thinking about my house idea, the idea of Purpose keeps bothering me. What is the purpose of art? Yes, I can say that art has a purpose of bringing beauty to the world, entertaining, communicating... but it really doesn't have a very practical purpose. So I kept thinking about it. Quilts are very practically useful. In their most basic form, they provide warmth. But I'm definately not making a bed quilt and this is an art exhibit after all. When I don't have a use for a quilt, I repurpose it into something else, table runners, jackets, pet beds, toys... BAGS! What about making a bag for the exhibit? First I thought of continuing my house idea but make a bag instead. That didn't make much sense. I thought well "maybe I can make a cityscape..." and started looking at pictures online to see if anything sparked an idea. That's when I saw a DC street map and thought "that would be practical" a bag that is also a map! What could be more useful for a commuter than a metro map? The DC metro map is pretty interesting and colorful too. But then the doubts started rolling in. What if they think a bag is not art?

I'm going ahead with these two ideas. I can enter two pieces but only one could be selected. I'll make them both and see what happens. I'll be competing with myself.

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Went to Goodwill and bought a dress. Not to wear but to repurpose. I liked the fabric and it will be the bag body. I thought it was wool but turns out it is polyester. Shows you how much I know about fabric.

dress to repurpose Goodwill tag

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Laying down the tracks

Spent the last two days sewing the DC Metro map. At first I thought of doing the lines with fabric strips. I tried one and it didn't look good. So I thought of using thread. I use perle cotton and embroidery thread in the bobbin and sewed it with the wrong side of the fabric up. I showed it to a friend of mine and she recognixe what it was right away so thats good.

bobbinwork DC Metro map

April 11

metro map beaded

The bead is on!

After 3 days beading, all the stations are in place. I tried to attach the beads as strongly as possible because it is a bag and it will get heavy use. I made a knot every three beads or so. I also saved some of the beads and will keep them apart from all my beads so that if any beads fall off, I can replace them later. I think it looks pretty cool, if I say so myself! We will see if the judge thinks the same.

April 13

scrappy palatte cleanser

A Scrap Palatte Cleanser

After 3 days of beading, I needed to clear my head and my fingers needed a break. So I took a bunch of little scraps I had left over from the last house quilt and other projects and just sewed them together. No thought about what goes where. Just sew. I don't know what I'll do with it, if anything, but made some fabric out of little bits of scraps and tomorrow I can get back to my metro bag.

April 14

price tag

More reusing

Today I cut out all the pieces that I could for the bag and realized that I couldn't make all of the bag with the fabric from the dress. I went to The Salvation Army and bought a pair of black corduroy pants that will be the sides and inside of the bag. It is tricky to fit my pattern pieces in the pants fabric. Should have bought a bigger size. There is going to be a lot of patching.

pants sewing sides

April 18

sewing the bag together

Almost there

ugh! I am a little behind on this bag. It feels like it has taken forever but getting enough fabric for the inside pieces was tough. I had to add other fabrics because I didn't have enough. Who would have thought that a bag uses so much fabric? It is a pretty big bag. More of a tote bag than a purse-size bag. The details inside are pretty cool. I'll post about them when I can turn it inside out. It is pretty heavy. I used almost all of the pants fabric plus batting inside and the dress fabric. This may just be an art piece after all.

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