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October 2021


Songbird pattern designed by Ann Wood


Piecing coat 1 sleeve


Attaching 1 sleeve



Halloween Invite


Clock faces embroidered


Van Gogh Immersive Experience


Testing Party Favors


Added buttonholes and buttons


Tighe Flanagan Workshop


Making sure I'm healthy before visiting people.


Collecting quilting ideas on the road to Paducah, KY


More quilting ideas...


Sewing assistant


Friend showing me the Cricut at work


Donated to the SAQA Trunk Show


Freight House
Modern Southern Restaurant


Quilty Day in Paducah


Fairy Tale Halloween Party


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All over the place

I have so many projects going on at the same time. Here's what I'm working on and what I have left to do for each project.

Before I used to work on one project at a time. Then I got interested in other things. I had a wedding gift I needed to make. I sign up for a garment sewing class. I signed up for a class on making wire sculptures. I bought a pattern to make a bird soft sculpture. I have an EPP project going to have something to do by hand when I can't sew by machine. My mind is going in all directions. and I feel like I'm not getting anything of substance done. So I think I like working on one thing at a time better. Its good to know how you work better and what to avoid in the future. Now I just need to get all these things I have going on finished so I can FOCUS.

Oh no! Just remembered I signed up for a workshop in a couple of weeks.

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A Fairy Tale Halloween

I am a graphic/web designer by day/ quilter by night. So once in a while I get family request for my graphic design skills. My sister always has really elaborate Halloween parties. They always have a theme and everyone has to come dressed up according to the theme. This year's theme is Fairy Tales. Here's the invite I designed.

Deadly Ever After

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Van Gogh Immersive Experience

Tonight I went to the Van Gogh Immersive Experience in DC and it was awesome. At first you walk thru an overview of the artist, timeline and most famous works. There are some short videos and some 3D scultures that have proyected videos on them that look really cool. Some of his architecture paintings are separated into different planes for a perspective view. Then you go into a big room that has his paitings proyected on the wall but the paintings have moving parts so it makes you feel like you are in the painting. Finally there is a virtual reality section that walks you thru a town and you can see where the painting was nspired and then the painting is superimposed in that location. It was a very nice way of getting to know more about the artst and it made you feel part of the art. Even people I went with that are not into art enjoyed it. I was surprised to learn that he had the same kind of color blindness I have. It made me think more deeply about my own art and how it would be good to concentate on one idea and work on it to see where it takes me instead of jumping around like I do. It also mae me think that I should work on smaller work that I can produce more of to explore ideas faster.

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25th Anniversary Party

My sister is celebrating her 25th Wedding Anniversary this year. My mom is having a surprise party for them. My mom cannot do anything small so the party is turning into a second wedding. She asked me to make party favors for the guests. "You can make a small quilt. It won't be a lot of work because they will be so small..." she said. In reality is 20 small quilts so it is a lot of work. I'm making framed landscapes. Framing them saves a lot of work. I looked for some inspiration, made a sample and it didn't take too long. I'll be visiting friends and they sew too so I'll do them while I'm there.

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Tighe Flanagan Workshop

Today I took a workshop with Tighe Flanagan with the DCMQG. I usually don't take a lot of quilting classes mainly because I don't want my work to be influenced by someone else but seeing his quilts in QuiltCon is what inspired me to join the group. It has been a fun group so I was excited to take the class. I sometimes see very intricate quilts and I think there has to be a special trick to make them but after taking his class I realized there is not a special trick. Just templates, accuarate cutting and hard work. It was a good class and he is a very good teacher and nice person. It was his second workshop so he was a little nerveous but it was good and his patterns are great.

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I lived in Paducah for four years and have a lot of friends there. I go to visit every couple of years. I also happens to be Quilt City USA but that is not the reason I moved there or go back to visit. It is a bonus. So my trip was spent visitig with friends and my last day I spent doing all the quilt hot spots. I started by going to Hancock's of Paducah and getting some fabric and sewing notions, then got hand-dyed fabric at my friend Helen's Jefferson Studios, then went to the National Quilt Museum and finally got more hand-dyed fabric at Tuscan Rose. Yes, my car is packed with fabric.

hancocks museum museum

During my trip I brought the almost-finished jacket. The only thing left to do was some hand sewing. So while visiting people, I sewed it and finally finished it. It was a very appropiate jacket to wear for my quilty day. I got many compliments. It is kind of heavy but it is warm and comfy. I especially love the sleeves.

museum museum

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