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May 2021


How I learned to sew...


Quilting details


More quilting details


Finishing edges


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Playing with scraps


Visited The Delaplaine

Wilcom's Inn


Purse finished.
Mom claims it.


Seeing quilts everywhere!

Cooper's Hawk
Winery & Restaurant


New quilt started


More of the new quilt

White Oak Tavern
American Restaurant


Fully vaxed against Covid-19!


Main & Market
American Restaurant


Bathroom remo finished!

Prominent Young Woman
Revenge thriller


Planting poppies


Setting the ground?


Rethinking everything...


Memorial Day

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My first dress

My first dress

Today I'm doing some spring cleaning in my closet after reading The Joy of Tidying Up. Doing that I found the dress I made in a sewing class in high school. This is the first thing I sewed with some guidance. I had sewn some little things by hand before not knowing what I was doing. I tried it on and it sort of fits! Not bad for a dress I made over 20 years ago! I have to say, if someone would have told me how influencial that sewing class would be in my life, I wouldn't have believed it.

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Here's a little video of me free motion quilting. It is sped up. I don't quilt that fast. But I think it is easier to see the movement this way. I quilted curvy lines on the dogs to simulate the fur and I'm going to quilt straight lines in the background for contrast. Those weird looking gloves are quilting gloves. They have rubber dots on one side and that makes it easier to get a hold of the fabric.

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Quilt Label

Finished Jasmine & Tugg

Today I officially finished Jasmine & Tugg, that is the name the client wanted. It was a struggled at times but I'm happy with how it turned out. I printed the label on my printer that uses The quilt is 24" wide by 20" tall. Below is the photo I used as inspiration for the quilt. Tugg was hidding at the bottom so I took so artistic licenses.

This weekend was Mother's Day. I have people visiting so it is limiting my quilting time. I'll get back to it once everyone leaves.

Inspiration photo Jasmine & Tugg

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What now?

Everytime I finish a quilt I go thru a weird period that I don't know what to work on next. I'm at one of those points now. Four years ago I made Columbia. As I've told you before, I hate throwing away pieces I cut off of quilts. Especially scraps that are pieced because it is like thowing away work I have done. This week I've been cleaning closets and found a bag of scraps from Columbia. I don't know what I'll do with them but for now I'm sewing them together and see what comes out.

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Quilting Feathers

Decided that what I'm going to make a purse with the gold/black scraps. I may use it, I may try to sell it. Don't know yet. I never quilt feathers. That's what quilters call that petal-looking pattern. It is a very common pattern to quilt but it is not easy to make it smooth without careful marking. And whenever you mark a quilt there is always the chance of not being able to take the marks off and takes time. Therefore I never quilt feathers eventho I really like them. For the purse since it is not a serious commitment, I decided to quilt some feathers free-hand and I'm surprised they look so good. It was risky to use such a contrasting color thread but I think they came out pretty good.

In exhibit

Today I went to the Delaplaine Art Center to see my quilt in the National Juried Exhibition. It looks so nice on the gallery wall next to all the beautiful art. It is always exciting to see your work exhibited. The only sad thing is that there was no opening reception due to Covid restrictions. In one of the galleries upstairs was the work of Jenny Wu. I really liked it but maybe it is because it looked like quilts.

Jenny Wu exhibit Art by Jenny Wu

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Birthday Girl Niece Mom and me

Today is my sister's birthday so no quilting is getting done. We spent the day at the DC habor. We rented a motor boat and drove around (is that the right word?) the harbor and had a great time. A quilter sees quilts everywhere. Where ever there is a pattern, the first thought is how can I make that into a quilt? (see May 16th post) I saw a wood post in the marina and had to take a picture thinking that would make a cool quilt. We'll see if that makes it into one one of these days...

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New bathroom

New bathroom. New quilt.

For the past month and a half, I've been doing a bathroom remodel. There is a space above the toilet that is empty and it is begging for a quilt so that is my new project. The shower tile has a herringbone pattern. I'm using that same pattern in the background of the quilt in scrappy light colors and I'm thinking of doing a thin line silouette in the foreground. I'm going to construct it in a quilt-as-you go method to save time. Never done it that way so wish me luck.

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Thinking poppies

As I'm falling asleep last night I start thinking of poppies. I have always liked that flower and have wanted to make a quilt with poppies. The walls in the new bathroom are painted in a blue-green color. The orangy-red of poppies would look great against that color. I was thinking of making an abstract human figure for the bathroom quilt but now I'm thinking poppies!

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New bathroom!


This is not an artsy post but there was a lot of creativity involved here. For the past six weeks I have been going thru a bathroom remodel and it is fnally finished! Never been so happy to take a shower before in my life! After months of Pinterest researching and saving lovely photos of beautiful bathrooms, I have my own. The people doing the remo were pushing me into generic stuff that everyone uses but I wanted something different and I think I achieved that. "The copper fixtures are gong to be hard to find" "How about this white marble counter top?" The wall color took some work and after trying out ten different shades, I like what I ended up with. The ladder may be a little out there but I think it looks good. Now I have to get the qilt finished because the wall over the toilet looks very empty.

Blanket ladder Sinks Shower floor

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Quilting as I go

Quilting as I go...

I sewed the background strips in a quilt as you go method, which means that you sew the strips over the batting so you are sewing and at the same time you are quilting the quilt. This saves you the extra quilting step but it is very limiting on what you can do and then there are seams in the back you have to finish so it is questionable if it actually saves time. Since this quilt is for me and no one will look at the back, I may just leave those seams unfinished.

I'm appiqueing some poppies. I'm torn whether I like them or not. They look too pretty and traditional for my style but we'll see...

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different poppies

Overthinking it?

So now I think I'm overthinking things. Do I want the ground green on red? Do I want the flowers realisticor abstracted? Can't make my mind up. Hmmm... The only thing I'm sure of is the herringbone background which I guess is a good thing.

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