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June 2021


Decisions, decisions, decisions...


Started quilting




Practicing curved piecing.


Pieced a whole circle! It's tricky.


Playing out with different layouts


Removed the orange blocks


Almost done but dont like the bottom left circle.


Busy day.

Axe throwing


Now I'm happy with it.


I win!


Pieced back


Ready for quilting!


Planing quilt designs


Started quilting


More quilting

In the Heights


Visiting my cousin in Tampa

Harry Waugh Dessert Room
in Bern's Steak House


Quilting over label


Was it worth the effort?

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Which one do you prefer?

Need to make up my mind. I have two flower styles and two ground styles. I need to decide. I think I know what I prefer. But I asked Instagram anyway. Version 2 won the Intagram survey. That wasn't my pick. I have veto powers.

#1 #2
#3 #4

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Finished Poppies

Today I finished Poppies. It is going over the toilet in my newly renovated bathroom. The unofficial title of the quilt is Poppies over the Pooper The back of the quilt is not great but its for me so no one needs to see the back and its not perefectly squared but oh well... Why do I lower my standards for things for me? Laziness. That is the answer. This quilt was finished in 8 days and that is a record. Now on to the next one...

quilting detail over the pooper

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Getting back to normal

Today was a busy day so I didn't get much quilting done but it is a sign that things are going back to normal Now we can go out to most places without masks and people are out and about. Today was the meeting of the DC Modern Quilt Guild and it was very nice to sit in a park with other fellow quilters chatting, sewing and looking at what everyone had worked on in the past few weeks. I'm amazeed at how quickly some people can finish quilts. I also got a much needed haircut.

We celebrated my friend Cathy's birthday by going to Flying Ace Brewery which was a good choice because the day was nice and not too hot and ended the day at Stumpy's where we tried axe throwing for the first time. As I said, not much art got done today but it was a fun day. I'm afraid that as thigs get back to normal, I'll get busy again and wont have time for quilting. I can't let that happen.

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Award at Vermont Quilt Festival

I'm so excited! This is the first time I win an award at a quilt show and the fact that it was this quilt that won, makes it more special. You see, I got the idea for the map in this quilt after the elections in November and started to make it in December. That was all it was going to be. While making it, I saw a Call for Entries for an exhibit where this quilt would be a perfect fit but the size was going to be too small. So I started thinking what else could I add to make it a bigger size. That is when I got the idea of the blocks unraveling which I think made it even better. I submitted the quilt to the exhibit and it was rejected It was sad but I knew that it was a good quilt so I kept submitting it to other shows and so far it has been exhibited at The Delaplaine and won an award at the Vermont Quilt Festival. So the moral of the story is don't get discouraged when you get a rejection. It's just an opportunity to see what else is out there and it does not mean your work is bad.

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Pieced Back

After finishing this quilt, there were some leftover blocks I made but decided not to use in the front mainly because I didn't like the orange fabric. Since I don't want to throw them out or save them for who knows what, I decided to put them in the back of the quilt. There was also a bunch of little scraps leftover from making the blocks that I sewed together thinking it was going to be enough for the back but it wasn't so I had to add a few other pieces of fabric. After finally having a piece big enough for the back, I realized piecing the back took way too long and the result is not that great. Maybe after it is finished, I'll change my mind.

One thing I did that I liked was that I printed the label and pieced it into the back fabric. I always applique the label after the quilt is finished and it is a major chore because I dont like appliqueing so I may keep doing this in the future. Let's see how it looks with quilting over it.

I'm already planning my next quilt and I'm excted about it but I'm forcing myself to finish this one before starting the next one.

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The Dinsk

Today I learned another professional artists lesson. When entering exhibits have several irons in the fire. I was checking my email and opened an email from the Houston Quilt Show and they rejected my quilt. I got all sad then I opened the next email and it was an acceptance to the Floyd Center for the Arts 2021 Juried Exhibition in Virginia and I got happy again . They are going to exhibit The Dinsk from August 14 to October 2. Now that we are finally over the pandemic (fingers crossed), there is going to be an actual Artist Opening. The Center is about 4 hours from my house so I'll drive down. It is close to Roanoke, VA so I'll visit the town while I'm there.

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The Dinsk

My cousin has lived in Tampa, FL for about 3 years and I have never come to visit. I fixed that this weekend! While there I went to see some artsy things. Still sad that the Dali Museum was sold out when I got there. But I got to see the Chihuly Collection in St. Petersburg and that made up for it. It is amazing! Went with my mom that is familiar with Chihuly and she thought that the work there was his whole life's work because it was so much. She had no idea how much more and bigger things are out there worldwide.

Chihully Pano
Chihuly Chihuly Chihuly

Also while there we went to the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg where we saw an exhibit of mosaics that have been recovered from Roman times. Since I see quilts everywhere, I was amazed how all the mosaics looked like quilts or should I say how much quilts look like Roman mosaics . We also went to the Harry Waugh Dessert Room at Bern's Steak House. It is a pretty interesting experience and the dessert are to die for. Maybe that should be their slogan because it does look like a hunted house.

Bern's Steak House Roman mosaics

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Getting Around quilting thread colors

I'm finally getting back to this quilt. Feels like I have been away for a long time. After visiting my cousin I've realized that this quilt would be perfect in his new house. Today I finished quilting the background grid. The only quilting left is the complete circles. The quiltng over the label on the back looks good. I'll try to remember to piece the label in the back fabric from now on.

I've been experimenting with thread color. Each quadrant has a different color combination. It is an interesting experiment but it is not very noticeable. The fabric print is too busy. Maybe a solid fabric would be a better way to see the results next time. I also like this size. It is 30" square. It is not too small so the pieces are not tiny to sew and not too big so it fits on my cutting table perfectly and it is easy to quilt.

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