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July 2021



Celebrating the 4th


A return to architecture quilts


Happiness is finding the perfect fabric!


Started second spire


DCMQG Modern Patriotic Quilt Show


The sky can be improved


Sky is fixed.


Not happy with spire #3


A view from the back


Spire #3 taking shape


Les Colombes at the National Cathedral


All together now...


Hand embroidered clock faces.


New business cards


New quilt started


Maya is upset

July 3 Return to top

back textures

Looking at the back...

Today I finished quilting Getting Around. I love looking at the back of the quilt because there is usually a surprise pattern that you are not planning on and it is usually interesting. I still need to bind the quilt and attach a hanging sleeve but aside from that, it is finished. I'm itching to start the next quilt!

It will be a gift for my cousin for his new house.

July 4-6 Return to top

Spire 1

My kind of independence day celebration? Sew all day starting a new quilt with a wine glass next to the sewing machine Yes, that's how I spent my 4th of July. There is a quilt exhibition I'm planning to enter where you have to make a quilt that represents where you live. Frederick is known for its church spires so I decided to make a quilt of some of them. When I lived in Paducah, KY, I made several architecture quilts of the town's buildings. Everyone loved them. It's time I make some of Frederick after being here for almost 13 years! Wow its pretty incredible it has been that long.

The theme of the exhibit is simplicity and the idea is not simple at all. I thought that using mostly solid fabrics would get that simplicity feeling thru but looking at it, it does not. Kept thinking about it last night and got a better idea for the exhibit. I'm still going to finish the Frederick spires because I like where it's going.

July 10 Return to top

Modern Patriotic

Today was the first day of the 2021 DC Modern Quilt Guild's quilt show. The theme for this year was patriotic quilts. Because we are still in this time of uncertainty with the virus, the show was virtual. Since today was the opening, we had a zoom opening celebration where everyone that had a quilt in the show would talk a little about the quilt. It was a very cool event. I hope they keep doing it because it adds so much more to know what is behind the quilt's inspiration than just walking around looking at quilts.

This year's theme was a challenge for many. I was lucky that my quilt was already made because I don't know if I could have come up with something on the spot. After hearing everyone talking about how hard it was to come up with something to celebrate this country, it brought feelings that surprised me. I am from Puerto Rico. Eventho PR is part of the US, it feels like a different country. We are US citizens but I can't tell you that I feel 100% American. And eventho there are A LOT of things wrong in PR, I'm always proud of my "country". The quilters in the show are mainly from the DC area so I wasnt expecting something like: Proud to be an American but I was a little taken back about how hard it was for some and how many negative feelings it brought out on people to think about the US. I know things are not good right now, there is a lot that needs to be fixed but still this is a pretty good place to be. I don't agree with people that believe this country is better than any other country in the world but I also think there is a lot of good that exists in the world because of the United States. I can't believe a Puertorrican is telling Americans to be proud of their country. My dad must be rolling in his grave. Sorry Papi.

I was also taken back by people from other countries that talked about how the idea of patriotism was kind of odd to them. That wasn't something they even thought about in their culture only for maybe in sports. None of these people were Hispanic, obviously

July 11 Return to top

Spire 2

This weekend was spent working on the second spire. I'm not happy about the sky. I may redo the top to make the sky gradation less choppy. I may need to go to the fabric store to get more of the sky fabric. Oh well, I'll have to sacrifice. Maya found a way to get on the cutting table and of course had to sit on the fabric that I was using at the moment. Today, Sunday, I pieced the cross on top of the spire. It was very apropos. And speaking of finding the perfect fabric, I found this lame-like gold fabric for the golden top and cross that is exactcly what it needed.

cross pattern pieced cross

July 16 Return to top

Spire 3

I have spent the past three days piecing spire #3 and now that is almost finished, I don't like it at all. This is going to be a total redo. It is more complex than the other two spires and I ran out of the sky fabric so I joined scraps that I had leftover but it doesn't look good. So Im going to have to sacrifice and go to the fabric stor to get more. Thankfully I bought it recently and I'm fairly sure I can get more.

July 20 Return to top

Spire 3 Redo

I haven't posted much but I have been working every day on re-doing spire #3. I've been asked about doing a talk so I'm taking a lot of pictures of the process while working on this design. Thinking that explaining what you do is often harder than doing it. Here's the back of the spire. I'm using a technique called paper piecing where you print or draw a pattern of straight lines on paper. Sew the fabric directly on the paper and then remove it. This is how it looks before the paper is removed.

July 22 Return to top

Les Colombes

Today I went to see Les Colombes at the National Cathedral. It is an art installation of thousands of paper oragami doves hanging from the ceiling. The cathedral is such a beautiful place. After that we had wood fired pizza at 2 Ami's and really good ice cream at Jeni's in Bethesda. Continuing with my "seeing quilts everywhere" series, the angled view of this buildings inspire a quilt. Not everyone can see it but I can.

Les Colombes Buildings

July 25 Return to top

Spire 3 Redo

Waste of time?

Now that I look at the spire #3 that I made originally next to the one I just made, I don't see that much difference. Oh well... It is just time and fabric.

July 28 Return to top

Business card back

Business cards ordered

I ordered new business cards. I have an art opening next month so I may need them. They are square double-sided thick cards. One side will have my info and the other side a quilt. They can be saved and displayed. I plan to have different quilts but for this exhibit, I made them with The Dinsk only since that is the quilt that will be at the exhibit. Hope I get them on time.

July 29 Return to top

sewing curves

I am entering an exhibit next month. The Spires quilt is at a good stopping point so I am going to work on the quilt for the exhibit before finishing the Spires quilt.

The exhibit is called Simple Lines. It is organized by the DC/MD/WV region of the Studio Art Quilters Association. It is asking for quilts that are minimal and depict something in our region. I thought of differet things but something that came to mind that could be easily represented in simple lines is the 270 Spur. Route 270 is the highway that connects Frederick with the DC beltway. You have to take it to reach DC and Virginia. The Spur is where 270 splits. One way stays to Maryland, the other way goes to DC and Virginia. When I went to the office, I had to drive on the spur almost every day. Most people hate it because there is always a lot of traffic but to me it meant that I was almost there so it was a good thing. I have never pieced this big pieces of fabric so it is a little challenging. But got to admit, this big pieces make getting the quilt top done really fast.

July 31 Return to top


Saying goodbye

A few weeks ago I went to visit my cousing in Florida and saw his new house. He is still moving in and there are boxes still packed and empty walls. The first thing I said was "You need a quilt!". I was thinking of giving him another quilt but he saw Columbia and really wanted it. So it is his now. While I was packing it, I put it on the bed and immediately Maya laid on it and didn't want me to give it away. Sorry Maya, you'll have a quilt one of these days.

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